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I was discussing this firearm with the guys over at the gun dock a few weeks ago and we were talking about some of the reported issues with this. Then we wanted to look to see if Sig had fixed any of the the issues that have been reported. The first thing I notice about this when I opened it up is the very nice finish this thing comes with. The overall aesthetics of it, I really like the nitride finish that Sig did with the slide. Then, to me, just the overall look — it looks like a little bit more expensive of a gun.

It kind of has that James bond-esque look to it. That was it, it was pretty consistent after three pulls and I hit that mark almost every time. It reminds me a lot of my Sig trigger as far as just the feel of it.

It does have a fighting to show you a nice cockpit here, nice soft break, and then a pretty quick reset.

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I do like it as a pretty large trigger. That was a nice feature. You definitely got to break it over, pop the mag, put it in, drop the slide, and then get back into your grip. They do sell a round magazine that pretty much looks like this but has the extension on it. So, you can definitely get all three fingers wrapped to get that nice tight grip on it, that nice good high purchase. As far as the size of this pistol, the overall length of this pistol is 5.

It is one inch wide and it is 4.

rod of the solitary scout 5e

That gives you some idea that this is a pretty small gun. As far as weight, it weighs in right at I think this is a pretty nice little package for that price point. I went out and got a kind of an assortment of ammo. I went ahead and got a kind of torture test for it, I got another rounds of Winchester steel quarry ammo. We have already went through several rounds with the brass base. So far not so bad. What I did over the past two weeks is I searched the web, checked in forums, read some articles and some reviews, checked out YouTube and just saw what other people have found with this gun.

There seems to be three main problems that have arisen. The first one is broken firing pins. The last main thing was the trigger bar spring was either breaking or it was causing some type of a cycling issue or malfunction with the firearm. So, those are the three main things that I found. What I did then is I wanted to kind of see what Sig had to say about it.

So, again, take that for what you will. Then, the guns coming back with a new firing pin, a new trigger, bar spring, and some other new parts that were never even spoke of. So, those are some of the fixes that were put into place to deal with these issues. That pretty much covers everything I could find as far as problems with this.This flat iron rod has a button on one end. You can use an action to press the button, which causes the rod to become magically fixed in place. The rod can hold up to 8, pounds of weight.

More weight causes the rod to deactivate and fall. A creature can use an action to make a DC 30 Strength check, moving the fixed rod up to 10 feet on a success. While holding this rod, you can use your reaction to absorb a spell that is targeting only you and not with an area of effect. The energy has the same level as the spell when it was cast. The rod can absorb and store up to 50 levels of energy over the course of its existence.

When you become attuned to the rod, you know how many levels of energy the rod has absorbed over the course of its existence, and how many levels of spell energy it currently has stored.

If you are a spellcaster holding the rod, you can convert energy stored in it into spell slots to cast spells you have prepared or know. You can create spell slots only of a level equal to or lower than your own spell slots, up to a maximum of 5th level. You use the stored levels in place of your slots, but otherwise cast the spell as normal. For example, you can use 3 levels stored in the rod as a 3rd-level spell slot. A newly found rod has 1d10 levels of spell energy stored in it already.

A rod that can no longer absorb spell energy and has no energy remaining becomes nonmagical. Alertness : While holding the rod, you have advantage on Wisdom Perception checks and on rolls for initiative.

Spells : While holding the rod, you can use an action to cast one of the following spells from it:. Detect evil and gooddetect magicdetect poison and diseaseor see invisibility. The rod has properties associated with six different buttons that are set in a row along the haft. It has three other properties as well, detailed below.

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If you press button 4the rod transforms into a climbing pole up to 50 feet long, as you specify. In surfaces as hard as granite, a spike at the bottom and three hooks at the top anchor the pole. Horizontal bars 3 inches long fold out from the sides, 1 foot apart, forming a ladder.This diabolic figure is draped in a kingly robe and crowned with iron horns.

He bears a long, heavy mace of black metal. Speed 50 ft. SQ change shape any humanoid ; alter selflord of iron, voice of command. Dispater is a master of urbane insults and flippant dismissals. He can attempt a Bluff check once per round as a free action in place of an Intimidate check to demoralize a foe within 30 feet.

In addition to becoming shakena creature demoralized by Dispater is so filled with shame and self-loathing that it takes 1d4 points of Charisma damage and becomes dazed. This additional effect can be negated with a successful DC 37 Will save.

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The insulted creature can attempt a new save each round at the beginning of its turn as a free action to end the effect, but any Charisma damage sustained remains until it is healed.

This is a mind-affecting effect. The save DC is Charisma-based. Rust effects such as rusting grasp do not function within 60 feet of Dispater unless he allows them to function. Dispater can level his gaze upon any one creature within 60 feet as a free action once per round. The creature he gazes upon gains 2 negative levels.

Resurrected Sig P365 – New 2019 Model review

Each of these negative levels requires a successful DC 37 Fortitude save to remove after 24 hours or it becomes permanent. He generally keeps his distance from the machinations of the other archdevils, and of all their number he cares least about the tedious and trivial affairs of the Material Plane.

His focus is on building the eternal and glorious perfection of Hellthe model community and system upon which the universe should be modeled. He is calm, creative, careful, and deliberate, in some ways the picture of a just sovereign, yet he is also unforgiving, ruthless, manipulative, and arrogant in the extreme.

The rules of rank, station, and courtly life are his meat and drink, and he is swift to deride any who violate the tiniest rule of etiquette, though he quickly discards decorum when necessary to further his elaborate schemes. Alone among the archdevils, he maintains a passing acquaintance with courtly love and marriage, conferring with his advisors on matters of state.

Dispater is every inch the image of a devil13 feet tall with rippling, rust-colored muscles and a refined and majestic style, eschewing the opulent grandiosity of some of his brethren.

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It allows the wielder to command allegiance as per a rod of rulership with an unlimited duration when activated in Hell. Outside of Hellit remains limited to total minutes of this effect, but does not crumble to dust if these minutes are used up. Every hour it spends in Hell restores 1 minute of expended duration.Rule of Cool Community Forums.

rod of the solitary scout 5e

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: Legend 1. Author Topic: The 3. Note: Normally I'd put spoiler tags in the latter posts, but for some reason the spoiler icons mess up the bullet points, so I'm leaving them out.

Can you imagine a Indian-like ranger wielding tomahawks? Sure you can. But there's a problem with characters like this. You must choose a weapon stile. If you want to focus on melee combat, you can choose 2 weapon fighting. But, if you want to focus into ranged combat, can you use the archery tree with ranged weapons? The answer is "NO". Because manyshot. It makes sense that you can use that ability with any ranged weapon, but the feat states that you can fire 2 arrows.

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There's not space for another tipe of weapon. If you choose this path, you are wasting a bonus feat. But if you are going to take less than 6 levels of ranger, or you can ask your DM to allow other weapons, that can be a cool path to follow.

On the other hand, the only thing that keeps rangers at the level of a fighting class is the full BAB.

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And the worst problem in damage output that rangers have is to lose attacks per round. With this style, you can attack in melee, and if the enemy falls, you can use your remaining attacks in range. Or simply make a 5' step, to switch mode. With quickdraw2 weapon fighting and rapid shotat level 2 you can fight at -4 and make 2 melee attacks, make a 5' step, and throw a weapon.

This style can be pursued if you choose either archery or 2 weapon fighting. The difficult path. Be sure about one thing before taking this one.

The Same when charge. You need 2 keen spells to affect your weapons, or 2 greater magic weapon s spells. Damage reduction affects you twice. I you fight with medium weapons, you fight at Etc, etc Said that, 2WF is not an entirely waste. But you need a lot of extra damage, and a lot of feats. There's a lot of threads about 2WF, so I only going to write some tips.

Use twin weapons. So you apply your feats Improved critical, weapon focus, etc to both.The crimson sun scorches the life from anything that crawls orflies, and storms of sand scour the foliage from the barren ground.

This bleak wasteland is Athas, and it is my home. Beneath a crimson sun lie wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendor, where sandal clad heroes battle ancient sorcery and terrible monsters. Life hangs by a thread in this barren land, it is unforgiving to the weak, and now it is up to you to write your own story in blood and glory. From the first moments of dawn until the last twinkling of dusk, the crimson sun shimmers in the olive-tinged sky like a fiery puddle of blood.

It climbs toward its zenith and the temperature rises relentlessly: degrees by midmorning, at noon, - sometimes even - by late afternoon. A man cannot drink fast enough to replenish the fluids he loses. As the days drag on, he feels sick and feeble. If he does not have enough water, he grows too weak to move. His mouth becomes dry and bitter, his lips, tongue, and throat grow swollen. Before long, his blood is thick and gummy. His heart must work hard to circulate it.

Finally his system overheats, leaving him dead and alone in the sands. There are no rivers or lakes and pockets of civilization are concentrated in isolated oases where water is more precious than life. But, this is not all a wasteland. Under the sands lie ancient ruins, testament to a time before the desert, and the city-states are a wonder in and of themselves. Life on Athas is brutal and short. Bloodthirsty raiders, greedy slavers, and hordes of merciless savages overrun the deserts and wastelands.

The cities are not much safer; each choke in the grip of an immortal tyrant. Slavery is widespread on Athas, and many unfortunates spend their lives in chains. Every year, hundreds of slaves, perhaps thousands, are sent to their deaths in bloody arena spectacles.

Archdevil, Dispater

Charity, compassion, kindness—these qualities exist, but they are rare and precious blooms. Only a fool hopes for such riches. Most weapons and armor are made of bone, stone, wood, and similar materials. Mail or plate armor exists only in the treasuries of the sorcerer-kings. Steel blades are nearly priceless; many heroes never see such weapons during their lifetimes.

From Door to Door

Reckless use of arcane magic during ancient wars reduced Athas to a wasteland. To cast an arcane spell, a magic user siphons power from the living world.

Nearby plants wither to ash, crippling pain wracks animals and people, and the soil is permanently sterilized.Critter blog keeping track of monster stats, crits, and anything else that can be quantified on Critical Role. Thanks to Sillustrate for this art piece! The latter is nowhere to be seen at the moment, and the former just got twisted into a horrifying abomination by the Chained Oblivion. Ahead, we lay out where the Mighty Nein stand going into whatever is going to happen with Obann the Punished.

Thanks to TriaElf9 for this art piece! Beau is hurting for ki points as well, but she at least had the foresight to save two in case something else happened. Thanks to Shinynope for this art piece! All things considered, Cad is doing really well. Thanks to kyotosparty for this art piece! Star Razor: None according to Travis. We do not currently have the full capabilities of the blade.

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His See Invisibility spell from Star Razor is still active, though since Jourreal seems to actually sink into solid objects instead of becoming invisible, it might not be a huge help in the event the Inevitable End decides to present a problem. Thanks to sanderdoesart for this art piece! Nott is in very good shape, considering the rest of the party. Her usual strategy of hide and shoot from a distance continues to pay off, as it should for any rogue.

She also still has plenty of spell slots to play with. Thanks to NeverDraws for this art piece! Thanks to Zulfugart for this art piece! After cutting through the low level combatants in the room, he could have found the Abyssal Anchor, destroyed it, and cast a successful Dispel Magic on the rift it opened.

The Nein also told the Cobalt Soul where they were going, so reinforcements could be on the way.

Magic Items (by Rarity)

Powered by Squarespace. Ads by Longitude. Livetweets of Punishment and Monster Analysis: The Fane Below Become a Patron! We'll see where this goes next week. We love you very much, and Is it Thursday yet? As Beau turns to face this horrifying creature that has no bacon in its gaping void of a mouth Blog RSS.Rods are scepterlike devices that have unique magical powers and do not usually have charges. Anyone can use a rod.

They range from 2 feet to 3 feet long and are usually made of iron or some other metal. Many, as noted in their descriptions, can function as light maces or clubs due to their sturdy construction. These sturdy items have AC 9, 10 hit pointshardness 10, and a break DC of Details relating to rod use vary from item to item.

See the individual descriptions for specifics. A 01 result indicates the rod is intelligent, 02—31 indicates that something a design, inscription, or the like provides a clue to its function, and 32— indicates no special qualities.

Intelligent items have extra abilities and sometimes extraordinary powers and special purposes. Although all rods are generally scepterlike, their configurations and abilities run the magical gamut.

Standard rods are described below. Jump to: navigationsearch. This material is published under the OGL Contents. Categories : OGL 3. Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! This material is published under the OGL. Metamagic, Enlarge, lesser.

Metamagic, Extend, lesser. Metamagic, Silent, lesser. Metamagic, Empower, lesser. Metal and mineral detection. Metamagic, Enlarge. Metamagic, Extend. Metamagic, Silent. Metamagic, Maximize, lesser.

Flame extinguishing. Enemy detection. Metamagic, Enlarge, greater. Metamagic, Extend, greater. Metamagic, Silent, greater. Metamagic, Empower. Thunder and lightning. Metamagic, Quicken, lesser. Metamagic, Maximize. Lordly might. Metamagic, Empower, greater. Metamagic, Quicken.

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